MissTraders Entrepreneurship Fund

The  MissTraders Entrepreneurship Fund is to support multiple young girls under the MissTraders Program to achieve their lifetime goals under strict monitoring and a continuous training program.  Register on Eventbrite http://bit.ly/misstraderseventbrite to win Apple Phone, Generators, and many prizes
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Goodness Adeosun

Shoe Maker / Gudie Collections
My journey to becoming a shoemaker started in 2018. My name is Adeosun Goodness Taiye, a medical student at the University College Hospital (UCH) and an entrepreneur. I started making shoes in 2018 after my Cambridge A levels and was quite bored at home.

I will probably abandon medical school and pursue shoe-making because it will bring more money compared to the stipend they pay Doctors in Nigeria. I just want to have the certificate, honestly speaking. I would have just left it but I feel people will respect you more when you have a certificate.